This is the 11th Episode of Sonic X: Crossover Season 1

The Mixels' Vacation ResortEdit

(In the Morning in Dawn, somewhere in the Beach of Emerald Coast)

(We can hear screaming coming from the oceans & the waves splashes onto shore, revealing to be all 27 Mixels, who mixed to the max in each tribe. The 9 Maxed Mixels then begins crawling up onto shore, before they all defuse back to all 27 mixels)

Mixels: (panting in exhaustion)

Flain: (coughs) Man, what a wild ride.

Teslo: You said it.

Flurr: First we appeared on a deserted island.

Gobba: Then we built a raft & float off, carrying the coconuts with us to drink a lot of coconut milk.

Seismo: I sure wish it would be Coconapple. Yum Yum.

Kraw: And the next, we've all been shuffled overboard by giant waves.

Volecto: We all have to use cubits to Max our way out of this situation.

Balk: And it looks like we're here.

Lunk: But where is here?

Jawg: Guys! Look! (points to a sign)

Tentro: It's a sign.

Glomp: What does it say? What does it say?

Hoogi: I don't know. Can anybody read sign?

Vulk: I think I'll try. (reads the sign) Welcome to "Emerald Coast"

Magnifo: Emerald Coast? Is that a name for a place?

Footi: It is a beach & it's very peaceful out here.

Zorch: Man, it's so hot out here in the beach & I like it!

Krader: You know what that means.

Zaptor: I know what your thinking.

Shuff: Me think we all do too!

Flain: Then that means...

Mixels: (happily) BEACH PARTY!

Chomly: Teslo, start the music!

Teslo: (pulls out a boom box & turns it on, starting the dance music)

Vulk: (at the DJ Booth)

Mixels: (begins dancing to the beat of the music & chatting)

Zorch: This beach party is crazy awesome!

Kraw: That's what I was gonna say too!

Flain: I wonder if we're gonna have more guests at the party? This party is going to be a blast & I believe that this vacation is going to go just fine.

(The Theme Song Plays)

(In the Thorndyke's Mansion, in Chuck's Lab / Garage)

Amy: The new Emerald Coast resort sounds like the perfect place to getaway from it all! You can hang out in the beach, or float in the crystal, clear ocean all day long, then dine as you watch the spectacular sunset. It sounds absolutely romantic! I wish we were going to the opening party!

SpongeBob: Wow, the day at the beach is gonna be just fun.

Cream: We'll have fun at the Thorndyke's villa. Are you ready to go, Cheese? [Cheese cries in excitement.]

Eddy: I'm ready to go!

Vezok: Me too! This is gonna be awesome!

Tails: I'm ready too, guys! My flight plan will take us to the Emerald Coast.

Chris: Be careful, Tails, and try not to let anybody see you.

Chuck: They won't have a problem for as long as they stay on the grounds of the villa.

Rotor: Don't worry, we will lay low for you guys.

Chris: I wish I could hang out with them instead of going to the resort opening.

Chuck: I know, but your mother can't make it so she needs you to go in her place. You won't have to stay long, and after, you can join the others at the villa.

Chris: That's great. I can give you a swimming lesson, Sonic.

SpongeBob: Yeah, I guess Patrick & I need swimming lessons too.

Sonic: You guys go on without me. I'm gonna stay right here.

Chris: Huh?

Owen: Wha...?

Amy: Sonic! You mean you're not coming with us?

Sonic: That's right! Have fun, I've gotta run!

Drilldozer: Hey! Wait a minute...!

[Sonic runs off.]

Mung Daal: What was that all about?

Chris: That's weird, I wonder why Sonic doesn't want to go to the Emerald Coast with us.

Amy: It must be because Sonic hates water. He won't go near the ocean because he can't swim. [Flashback of the ending of episode 3 plays.]

Chris: I forgot that.

Tails: But Sonic doesn't have to swim, he could go running on the beach.

Amy: It's not gonna be much fun without Sonic...

Chris: Hmmm...

Rainbow Dash: Sonic can't swim? Imagine that. [Car horns]

Ella: Mr. Chris, we have to leave now or you'll be late for the ceremony.

Chuck: Have a great time, Chris.

Chris: [nods] We'll meet up later.

Amy: Okay, don't be long.

Tails: See you there. [Cheese cries in excitement.]

Amy: And don't be nervous, Chris. That opening party will be just fine.

Chris: Yeah. [chuckles]

SpongeBob: Squidward, can you come with us? Please?

Squidward: (Sarcastic) Of course.

SpongeBob: Really?

Squidward: (at the door) (normal voice) No. (exits, slamming the door behind him)

Twilight Sparkle: Well that was kinda huffy.

Avak: Alright then, let's take off!

[The X-Tornado prepares for take off as Chuck tilts all of the palm trees in the X-Tornado's path away from the plane.]

Tails: Next stop, Emerald Coast. Hang on! [X-Tornado speeds along the runaway.] Here we go!

Chris: Huh? [X-Tornado flies above.]

Ed: Wheee!

Mr. Tanaka: Master Chris, remember that you are representing the Thorndyke family on this trip.

Chris: I'll do my best, Mr. Tanaka.

(In the Flower Fields)

Sonic: (picks up a flower) Who needs the ocean!

(Back at the Beach)

(As the Mixels we're continuing having fun at the Emerald Coast Beach, they all notice the Tails, Amy, Cream, Cheese & the Crossover Gang, minus Squidward, flying in the X-Tornado, which is flying this way & then lands behind a building near them.)

Flain: (smiles) Gang, looks like we've got visitors.

(We can see Amy, Cream, Spongebob, Ed, Edd, Eddy & the Total Drama Gang in their swim suits)

Eddy: Hey, your the same guys back at Eggman's lair.

Vulk: We are the Mixels, it's good to see you guys again.

Krader: Look, you made new friends.

Tails: Hello, my name is Miles Prowler, but my friends call me Tails & these are my friends, Amy Rose, Cream & Cheese.

Cream: It's very nice to meet you all.

Cheese: Chao chao.

Shuff: Aww, you cute.

Cheese: (happily) Chao ^^

Cream: Cheese says he likes the compliment.

Volectro: We're having a beach party.

Lunk: Yeah.

Balk: You wanna join us?

Amy: We love too!

Spongebob: Yeah!

Owen: This is gonna be awesome!

Pinkie Pie: Then what are we waiting for? Let's party!

All: YEAH!

Mung Daal: Crank it! Crank it up!

Teslo: (turns up the volume of the music boom box)

(The gang begins to have fun on the beach, having fun partying together.)

Kraw & Gobba: (mixes with a cubit) Mix!

Kraw / Gobba Hula Mix: (Gobba's voice) Boom-chicka-boom-chicka-boo-oom!

(Cream, Cheese & Tails are seen swimming together as Ed, Edd & Eddy running towards the ocean)

Vezok: (dives in the water) Come on in, the water's fine!

Thunder: Yeah! Last one there's a monkey's uncle!

Eddy: Tell me something I don't know, Thunder.

Lindsay: [as the Eds run by] Hi, Eddy. Hi, Double D.

Ed: Hello, Ed.

[SpongeBob & Patrick are laying on their backs on a towel each]

SpongeBob: What a beautiful day.

Patrick: You said it, pal.

SpongeBob: Can you believe that sun? [Patricks eyes are small]

Patrick: I could look at it all day. [SpongeBob sits up then takes his sunglasses off]

SpongeBob: Uhh, Patrick? [Patricks eyes go back to normal after he takes a drink]

Patrick: What?

SpongeBob: Nothing.

(We can see Amy Rose swimming underwater, with goggles on & emerges from the water, into the surface.)

Amy: This place is unbelievable!

Tails: Sure is, Amy! I'm really glad we came.

Cream: And we'll have more fun when Chris gets here.

Gwen: I wonder how Chris Thorndyke is doing now?

(They didn't realized a Nixel is hiding in the bushes)

Nixel: Nix?! (hurries off into the jungle)

(A Nixel rushes up to Major Nixel to deliver the news.)

Nixel: Nix Nix Nix!

Major Nixel: What is it that you want to tell me?

Nixel: Nix nix! (points to the Heroes)

Major Nixel: (notices as well) Well, well, it's those heroes, especially those annoying Mixels! All I need is a plan to trap them! But how? (begins thinking, until he hears fireworks coming from the grand opening of the Emerald Coast Resort & smiles evily upon having a whale of a plan) Aha! That's it! The Emerald Coast Grand Opening!

(At the Emerald Coast Grand Opening)

(Chris Thorndyke, Mr. Tanaka & Ella are seen with Chris Thorndyke shaking the guests' hands.)

[Chris sighs.]

Mr. Tanaka: Try to look interested.

(With Amy Rose)

Amy: Lovely, I wish Sonic were here to enjoy this with me. (Imagines herself with Sonic) It would be so romantic! We'd be so happy! (gets hit in the head a coconut.) You just ruined my fantasy!

(Amy then throws the coconut across the ocean when the coconut hit a pirate ship)

(A green kremling pirate named: Green Kroc spots land and tells it to his captain who's name is: Kaptain Skurvy)

Kaptain Skurvy

Kaptain Skurvy

Kaptain Skurvy: Har har har! Excellent! We shall seize those landlubbers off when they're off guard and their booty will be ours! (Laughs)

[Pan up to the sky, a giant mechanical cloud floating by propellers flies in. Inside is Major Nixel. A single Nixel is running on a treadmill, panting.]


[The Nixel cranks a machine, a periscope drops down, and Major Nixel looks through a lens that comes from under the cloud. It shows the Grand Opening of the Emerald Coast Resort. He then retracts the periscope.]

Major Nixel: There it is. Prepare the Mega Nixel Mixel Nixer!

[A large swarm of Nixels are enclosed inside a large orb.]

Major Nixel: Be brave, my Nixels! Be brave!

(Back outside with Amy)

Amy: Just thinking about Sonic can make me crazy! [Sighs. She hears a man and woman giggling nearby.]

Woman: You're so wonderful, Chad. [Chad and the woman giggles.]

Amy: Sonic! WHERE ARE YOU?!

Woman: Chad, I've made something wonderful for you.

Chad: For me?

Woman: Yes. It's nothing really, but I want you to have it. It's a lucky charm for when you go into the water. It's just like land.

Chad: Thank you. I'll always wear it and think about you.

Woman: Oh Chad...

Amy: (begins to think about it)

(Back at the villa)

Amy: (making a lucky charm bracelet out of shells) Hmm, I wonder what Sonic would say.

Volectro: (with Spongebob & Patrick) Hey Amy!

Cream: Who's that for, Amy?

Amy: Eh? Oh, nobody.

Volectro: This beach party is crazy. Come down and join us.

Spongebob: Say, is that a bracelet?

Cream: You didn't make that for Sonic, did you?

Amy: No, of course not.

Patrick: Check out that weird cloud. (points to the mechanical cloud, ) What do you think it is?

[A hatch opens up and the orb falls out. Major Nixel peeks down from the hatch.]

Major Nixel: Hahahahahah!

Vezok: (notices something dropping in the distance) It looks big for a raindrop.

[The orb falls, while multiple Nixels are heard chanting rapidly. It explodes, leaving Amy, Cream, Cheese, Tails & the Crossover Gang in shock as the color from the Emerald Coast Resort begins to change their color into black & white.]

Flain: (in horror, upon recognizing Major Nixel's evil laughter from anywhere) Aw, shnixel!

(At the Emerald Coast Resort)

[The public from the Hotel begin to flee away to safety, but some got caught in a color change & soon grow zombie-like moaning & stiffly walking.]

[Chris, Ella & Tanaka are seeing the madness, as the mechanical cloud makes a landing. A door on the side opens and Major Nixel is there, multiple Nixels surround him.]

Major Nixel: Ahahahaha! I have nixed the Emerald Coast Resort! Thank you, to some annoying and forgettable Nixels. This land is our land!

Chris: I have to find a way to call Sonic.

Major Nixel: You're my first guests! Welcome to Nixel Park where your first vacation is guaranteed to be your last!

Mr. Tanaka: Stand back Chris, I will guard you. As your father's servant, it is my duty to protect you even if it means sacrificing myself. Now it is time for both of us to face our fate!

Ella: Easy now! [Grabs Mr. Tanka aside.] Tanaka, you aren't even strong enough to take a stand.

Chris: It's true. Right now, our only hope is Sonic & Spongebob.

(Meanwhile with Plankton and Eggman)

Decoe: Eggman! Plankton! Someone named Major Nixel has taken over the Emerald Coast Resort before us!

Plankton: DRAT! No matter, soon we will be rid of him and then we will take his place and WE WILL RULE THE WORLD!!! All hail Plankton and Eggman! ALL HAIL EGGMAN AND PLANK... (Got stepped on) OW!

Kaptain Skurvy: Who dares makes it to shore before.. Yuck, I stepped in something. (Scrapes Plankton on the floor)

Plankton: (Screams) Not "in something" on someone you blasted pirate!

Kaptain Skurvy: What?

Dr. Eggman: Look under your boot.

(Skurvy looks at under his boot and saw that he stepped on Plankton)

Kaptain Skurvy: Aye! I did stepped on somebody. (Peels Plankton off)

Dr. Eggman: Who are you strange pirate?

Kaptain Skurvy: I am Kaptain Skurvy, these are me crewmates: Green Kroc and Kutlass.

Plankton: What kind of pirate just comes bursting in here stepping on me?

Kaptain Skurvy: That's what we pirates do, and by the will of my great great great great grandpappy I.. (Feels the pain in his tooth and groans in pain)

Bocoe: Something wrong, Skurvy?

Kaptain Skurvy: Aye, it be me tooth. I've got a toothache.

Dr. Eggman: Well then, if you do us a favor you'll be gratefully rewarded

Kaptain Skurvy: What favor?

(With Sonic)

Sonic: (arrives) Hey! (Notices only Squidward is here)

Squidward: (reading a book)

Sonic: Huh? Oh... I forgot that everybody's gone but me & Squidward. You don't see beautiful flowers like these at the seashore. The mountains are far superior!

Squidward: Sometimes I'm really glad that I'm home alone.

Chuck: Sonic! So you're finally here, are you?

Sonic: Yeah?

[Chuck switches the television on.]

TV reporter: A gang of small black & white creatures has been wrecking & removing colour from hotels and resorts all along the Emerald Coast. The situation is growing more dangerous by the hour. Authorities have issued evacuation orders.

[TV switches onto Major Nixel.]

Major Nixel: [Laughs] The owners of the Emerald Coast resort didn't invite me to their opening so I've knocked it down and turned it into my own vacation destination! It's now... Nixel Scream Park!

(A Nixel sneaks in with a bomb & throws the bomb to Sonic)

Nixel: Nix Nix!

[Sonic panics with the bomb in his hand before it explodes. The Nixel away while laughing.]

Squidward: (black covered) Did that Nixel just throw us a bomb?

Sonic: [Shakes his head, shaking the black off of him and shrugs] Oh well... [Runs off, grabbing onto Squidward, dragging him along] Come on Squidward!

Squidward: Sonic! Let me go!

(Back with Amy Rose, Tails, Cream, Cheese & the Crossover Gang)

Flain: (looking through the binoculars) That's Major Nixel alright.

Kraw: And he has nixed the Resort.

Teslo: And the good people.

(Tails comes in with the X Tornado)

Tails: Out of the way! I've gotta save Chris!

(Amy hops on board)

SpongeBob: Amy, what are you doing?

Amy: Sonic's gonna show up and help, but if he doesn't, Chris will need all the help he can get.

Tails: Okay, here we go.

(The X Tornado flies off)

Cream: I hope they make it back safely.

SpongeBob: Crossover Gang, we'll have to find our own way across the ocean to the resort, but how?

Flurr: I got an idea. (Flies up & uses his ice breathe at the ocean to create an strong ice bridge) All a shore.

Eddy: Flurr, that's golden!

Zaktan: Come on, let's go before the ice bridge melts away.

(The Crossover Gang begins to cross over the ice bridge to the resort.)

Beth: Wow, we're such good safe crackers.

Owen: Mmm, crackers.

(Back with Major Nixel & the Nixel Swarm)

Nixels: (building the Nixel Scream Park)

Major Nixel: Build faster! Don't use too many nails and bolts, and make sure you water down the cement. I want these rides to be the most dangerous in the universe!

(Suddendly they noticed Plankton, Eggman, Decoe, Bocoe, Captain Skurvy & his crew, along with E-38 Octoron & an army of E-39 Quizons)

Dr. Eggman: Not so fast!

Major Nixel: (growls as he turns around to notice them) What is the meaning of this?

Plankton: We're taking what is ours, OUR Scream Park.

Captain Skurvy: And most of all... STEAL BOOTY!

Major Nixel: I see you have your army, while I have mine!

(The armies of E-39 Quizons & Nixels begins facing each other.)

Plankton, Dr. eggman & Major Nixel: Attack!

(The bad guys begin to attack each other, just as the Crossover Gang arrives, by ice bridge)

Spongebob: Alright, your reign of terror ends right...

Crossover Gang: (notices whatss going on) Wha?!

Flurr: What happened here?

Gwen: Over there! That's Plankton & Eggman!

Gobba: And there's Major Nixel!

Donkey Kong: And they are... Attacking each other?

Diddy Kong: Arentt those the biggest goofus doofuses you laid eyes on or what?

Eddy: This is too easy. Cause weree gonna hit them with a surprise first.

Edd: Why did I get the impression that the villains doesntt even know we exist.

Zaktan: Lets go for it while the irons hot.

Krader: Attack!

(The Crossover Gang begins their attack on the villains as a blue streak speeds through a metal structure, causing to collapse.)

Major Nixel: What?! Mixels?! With reinforcements?!

Plankton: Wait a minute! It appears we have common enemies.

Dr. Eggman: Then itss about we put our differences aside & stop them at once together!

Major Nixel: Agreed. (Suddendly hears the metal structure comes crashing down on the ground)

(We can see that Sonic has arrived with Squidward)

Sonic: Well, well...

Chris Thorndyke: Sonic!

Spongebob & Patrick: And Squidward, your back.

Sonic: Hiya Chris! Thought I'd drop by for a visit!

Squidward: (feels dizzy after Sonic's fast run) Sonic taught me into it.

Plankton: You fell right into my trap fools! Cause we made a new friend.

(Kaptain Skurvy arrives)

Kaptain Skurvy: That's right ye landlubbers! It is I Kaptain Skurvy!

Amy: Are you some sort of reptilic pirate?

Kaptain Skurvy: That be it!

Cutlass & Green Croc: (aim & point their sharp pirate swords at Spongebob & Patrick)

Spongebob & Patrick: (gulps)

Dr. Eggman: We know you and you 2 friends can't swim, So we lured you to the sea!

Plankton: Get them Octoron!

(Sonic dodges the tentacles and attemps to kick it but he, SpongeBob and Patrick end up getting tangled)

Kaptain Skurvy: You won't get away!

Sonic: Oh yeah just watch us! [E-38 Octoron submerges Sonic, Spongebob & Patrick underwater.]

Chris: Let them go!

Dr. Eggman: [Laughs] I'm giving the three a choice: they can either forfeit the fight or forfeit their lives! [E-38 Octoron resurfaces Sonic, Spongebob & Patrick out of the water.] Well, how do you like the ocean!?

Sonic: It's dee-lightful!

Spongebob & Patrick: (got butt cramps from being in the ocean water) AUGH! Butt cramps!

Patrick: And I still don't have my ice cream.

Plankton: Good, then let's see how long you're able to stay under! [E-38 Octoron attempts to pull Sonic underwater but Sonic runs desperately on the ground, while Spongebob & Patrick are trying to loosen the grips.] Don't let them slip out of your grip, Octoron! Haul those three back into the ocean and don't let him up for air! Come on, Octoron! Flex those tentacles!

Major Nixel: And as for you Mixels! Nixels, ATTACK!

(The Nixel Swarm begins to jump upwards high in the air)

Flain: Aw, schnixel!

[The Nixel swarm jumps on the Mixels & the rest of the Crossovers, repeatedly knocking them into a state of near helplessness.]

Flain: We gots to find the Cubit!

Seismo: No see Cubit! 

Amy: Sonic!

(Amy then opens the X Tornado's windshield glass and jumps out)

Tails: Amy! Wait!


(Amy smashes the tentacle with her Piko Piko Hammer causing the tentacle to break. The tentacle knocks the E-38 Octoron into the water)

Plankton: HOW COULD YOU?!

Amy: Keep your rotten robots away from my Sonic or you're gonna be sorry!

(Sonic, Spongebob & Patrick begins to escape from Ocotron's grasp.)

Sonic: Thanks Amy!

(Sonic runs along a track and jumps off)

Tails: Hey, Sonic!

(The X Tornado shoots a ring at Sonic and he uses it to curl up in a spinball and smashes right through E-38 Octoron causing the robot to explode)


Major Nixel: (growls) Get that hedgehog!

(The Nixel Swarm begins to charge at Sonic.)

Spongebob: Patrick, we gotta help Sonic!

Patrick: But how? We're helpless.

[A Nixel laughs in the background with 2 Cubits in his hands. Flain and Seismo pounce the Nixel and the two, plus Spongebob & Patrick jumps high & grab the cubits at the same time somewhat fearfully and a nimbostratus cloud appears. A bolt of lighting crashes and zaps them, mixing Seismo & Flain into Flain/Seismo Mix & with Spongebob & Patrick into Spongebob/Patrick Mix]

Flain & Seismo, SpongeBob & Patrick: MIX! (Begins mixing as they fuse)

Flain/Seismo Mix: (In Flain's voice.) Oh, yeah! Let's get Mixel! 

SpongeBob/Patrick Mix: (in Spongebob's voice) Whoa! Adrenalin pumping, spine tingling & I never felt so alive! Let's get them!

[The Nixel swarm screams fearfully as Flain/Seismo Mix stomps to the ground with his foot ablaze, yelling. And Spongebob/Patrick Mix begins to spin like a sharp wheel & begins blasting pressured water in all directions at the Nixels as well. Every Nixel is wiped out]

Major Nixel: (is in shock & disbelief) Oh no! Not again!

Flain/Seismo Mix & Spongebob/Patrick Mix: (lands on their feet, smirking, defusing)

Amy: Sonic! (Goes up to Sonic & hugs him)

Sonic: Whoa! Lighten up Amy.

Flain, Seismo, Spongebob & Patrick: (noticing the power of the cubit begins to bringing the resort back into colour) Yeah! (Hi fives each other)

Flain: We did it!

Seismo: Rad fun! Rad fun!

Dr. Eggman: You may have won this time, but we're not through! (Flies away)

Sonic Yeah, right

SpongeBob: What you did was crazy Amy.

Amy: I know, but Sonic makes me do crazy things!

Tails: Everything okay down there?

Gwen: Are you alright?

Sonic: Yeah Tails & Gwen, thanks for the ring. Thank you, Tails's.

Amy: Sonic.

Sonic: Huh?

Amy: (shows Sonic, SpongeBob & Patrick the bracelet) Sonic, this is a bracelet I made to protect you, SpongeBob and Patrick in the water.

Sonic: Oh.. You made this for me?

Amy: If you wear it, it'll bring you good luck.

Sonic: Really?

SpongeBob: Wow.

Patrick: Shiny.

(Just when Sonic is about to grab the bracelet, Kaptain Skurvy fired his arm cannon at Sonic and Amy who dodges, causing Amy to fling the bracelet into Skurvy's hand)

SpongeBob & Patrick: What the...?! (Turns to Skurvy)

Kaptain Skurvy: Avast ve...! (Groans in pain upon his sore tooth) Shiver me timbers!

Flain: (with all of the Mixels) Ok, you really need to get that tooth checked out.

Amy Rose: Your bracelet!

Kaptain Skurvy: Well, what do we have here? A bracelet made out of shells I see. (Crushes the bracelet in his hand) Oops! I broke it. (Laughs)

Amy: I can't believe it!

Kaptain Skurvy: Har har har har! That's right, sweetheart. Your bracelet is gone! (Continues laughing)

Green Croc: (with Cutlass) Who is the big goofus doofus now, mate?

Eddy: Oops. (Tries to run away with the Eds)

Cutlass & Green Croc: (chases after the Eds)

Spongebob: Yeah, Uh, that would be me. Let's see if you crocs can chew more than you can bite!

(As Spongebob, Patrick & the 3 Eds battle against Cutlass & Green Croc, Amy Rose picks up the remains of the broken bracelet)

Amy: (Cries) I guess my charm... wasn't so lucky... (Cries and growls in anger)

(The Mixels are face to face with Skurvy)

Captain Skurvy: You little munchkins didn't worry about your big ugly heads about that now, because the booty belongs to me! Now hand it over!

Flain: You can't have it!

Krader: Not by hair of Chiny chin chin!

Balk: And we got the cubits. (The Mixels ready their cubits)

Captain Skurvy: And I got a hand cannon here, that can prove ye wrong! Besides that necklace ain't worth nothin to anyone anymore.

Gobba: (notices the Firey aura begins to ignite around Amy, who is growling more in a rage) Uh, maybe you should get out of the way before someone gets hurt.

Captain Skurvy: (laughing heartly) Get out of the way? Are you chicken?

Flurr: We're warning you.

Captain Skurvy: Ooh, well shiver me timbers.

Glomp: We really think we should go now!

Captain Skurvy: (laughing some more) That's a good one Maties! My great great great great grand pappy be rotting helm be rolling. He's loved a good joke! And your the biggest ugliest ones that has ever been! (Laughs) Get out of the way before someone gets hurt!

Amy: (charges forward, passing through the Mixels, while carrying a super sized Piko Piko Hammer) YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR THAT!

(Amy then hits Skurvy with her Piko Piko Hammer knocking out Skurvy's sore tooth, causing the heroes, even Sonic & SpongeBob & Patrick to turn their attention to Amy)

Mixels: (flinches) Ohhhh...

Donkey Kong: You knocked out his tooth!

Rotor: And that's gonna leave a mark.

Kaptain Skurvy: Why you.. (Realizes his toothache is gone) Hey, my toothache's gone. Well, blow me down! And shiver me timbers today is a good villian day after all!

Donkey Kong: Not so fast Skurvy! According to your great great great grandpappy, you owe Amy a favor.

Kaptain Skurvy: No, no, no. I'd be walking the plank if I...

Donkey Kong: No, no , no. I heard you loud and clear. You said: I swear by the will of the great great great pirate ove I promise to...

Kaptain Skurvy: Okay, okay. I can't bare to hear it again. Name your booty Amy Rose.

(Before Amy could say anything Eggman and Plankton, even Major Nixel returned)

Major Nixel: (points to the heroes, even the Crossovers) Stop right where you are! I'm not finished yet! You really make me blow a gasket! If you want something done right, use a Giant Muscle Nixel!

(A Giant muscular Nixel named, Muscle Nixel drops down from the giant Mechanical Cloud fortress & lands on the ground, flexing his muscles, while the Quizon stacks each other one another to create a snake like robot, Serpenter & Plankton's robot comes to play as well.)

Muscle Nixel: (deep rough voice) NIIIIX!

"More Coming Soon"