The Legend of the 7 Divines - Crossover
7 Divine

Creation Date

22 June, Wednesday, 2011


75 (Planned)

The Legend of the 7 Divines - Crossover is a Crossover based on several Nicktoons & Cartoon Network character, plus, some Anime & Sonic Underground characters. The story take place in several already-existing places throughout the world ( ex. Los Soledad, Cul-de-Sac, Tech Square, Jellyfish Field ), and some new places.


P.S.: Some new characters will be added as the series progressed.


SpongeBob SquarePantsEdit

Ed, Edd n' EddyEdit

Samurai JackEdit

The Grim Adventures of Billy & MandyEdit

Codename: Kids Next DoorEdit

Foster' s Home for Imaginary FriendsEdit

The Powerpuff GirlsEdit

Sonic UndergroundEdit



Fairy TailEdit


P.S.: Some new characters will be added as the series progressed.


Special Characters are the characters that made their debut appearance on an special episode and continues to makes their appearance until the end of the story as a protagonist.

  • Coming Soon...


Cross-dimension ArcEdit

  1. When the Heroes Meet - The First Heroes ( Naruto, SpongeBob, The Eds ) "accidentally" entered a portal, namely Converté Portal, and brings them to a suspicious Lair. Unknown to them, inside that lair resides a person which would brings them into their biggest adventure....

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